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Lowest profile Ventvisor® or side window deflector on the market
Our Low Profile Ventvisor® or side window deflector is made in the USA, precision-engineered for an exacting fit with the broadest range of vehicle coverage on the market today. AVS Low Profile Ventvisors® are designed to complete the look of your vehicle, adding subtle style while maintaining the functionality you desire from a side window deflector. The customized design easily mounts in minutes to the outside of your vehicle using pre-applied 3M automotive-grade adhesive. Its quick no-drill installation creates a perfectly snug and secure fit – completely safe for car washes too!

Keeps fresh air in and the rain out with style
The Ventvisor®, also referred to as a side window deflector, window shade or rain guard, allows fresh air to naturally circulate through open windows while keeping the rain out. Additionally, the product keeps the sun out of your eyes, enables fresh air circulation to eliminate stale, smoky air and allows you to keep your window cracked while parked, keeping the interior cooler.

Great coverage and quality manufacturing
AVS offers the most comprehensive Ventvisor® vehicle application coverage for trucks, SUVs, CUVs, vans and passenger cars. All AVS Ventvisors® are made of a higher-grade material than most, which means they hold their shape and are just the right thickness to be strong yet flexible for a perfect fit.


AVS Low Profile Ventvisors® are available in a dark smoke and matte black finishes, and come with chrome trim on select models that match the trim of the vehicle door.


Best-selling line and backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty
The AVS Ventvisor® line is the best-selling line throughout North America. A Limited Lifetime Warranty protects your AVS Low Profile Ventvisor® Side Window Deflector. Get a set today and start enjoying exterior style and constant fresh air right away.

  • Lowest profile Ventvisor™ on the market today
  • Creates a factory-installed seamless appearance with subtle style
  • Lets fresh air in and keeps rain out (rain guard)
  • Allows fresh air to circulate removing stale air and odors
  • Reduces interior wind noise and mirror fogging
  • Cools off interior when parked in sun
  • Custom made, precision-engineered to fit each vehicle
  • Available in Dark Smoke & Matte Black finishes
  • Includes chrome trim on select models that match the trim of the car
  • Reinforced acrylic is UV and scratch-resistant
  • Car-wash-safe
  • No special hardware or drilling required - installs fast with pre-applied 3M automotive-grade adhesive
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

  1. Currently 5/5 Stars
Average of 15 customer reviews

    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. easy install,looks good
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. It is extremely close to the window, so it doesn't look like what everyone else has, you have to get used to it, but it does look good. Also, cleaning your windows is a little tough, because you have to roll down your windows to clean the top portion. The visors are just really close to the window. Other than that, they're great. Great circulation and keeps the rain out, which is exactly what I wanted.
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. Awesome looking the continuous look and the slimline appearance. Looks great on my black truck with the tinted windows....
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. This product is very styllish and adds a cool look to my 2011 Toyota Tundra
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. Easy installation and also liked the fact that they didn't go onto the door metal like the older models. Good product would recommend and buy them again in the future.
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. I put these on a 2007 Toyota Tundra and they look great. They are much less noticeable than the older style that sticks out. The install could have been much smoother if the instructions were better. They said to install the front tab between the rearview mirror cover and the door frame. That didn't work on my truck. I ended up putting the tab between the door frame and the window seal. Drove them from Oklahoma to Idaho the day I put them on. I love them.
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. The Seamless Ventvisor is a terrific product. Its innovative style is refreshing and very unique. This product sets itself away from all other ventvisor by far.
    1. Currently 4/5 Stars
    1. I Purchased the AVS Seamless Ventvisor for my 07 GMC Siearra Denali. They look GREAT, flush with the frame of the window. They were easy to install and appear to be very well made.
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. The visor looks great and was very easy to install. The service was great too! I received the visor in just a couple of days.
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. These visor are Seamless! They really look good. Professional install is highly recomended. Other than that, they look great. Almost look like stock, match the original colors, but add a hip, sophisticated look to my car. Very low profile, only sticks out about 1/2 inch. Works great for looks, or as a vent, but not recomended if you want them for smoking. The seamless look is very cool. They flow very well and only add to the overall sleek aesthetics of the car.This is the best price and deal.
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. It looks like it's part of the car
    1. Currently 4/5 Stars
    1. Looks great, would definitely recommend. Very sleek on my Lexus GS 350.
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. when I got these ventvisors I didn't know how they would look on the car and if the function of not having water come in the interier while it was raining. The ventvisors made the car look much better but what I really enjoy about having them is that the water really doesn't come in the interior when it rains and its quiet while driving on the highway when the window is open a little bit
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. The seamless vent visor is in one word... Sexy. The flush mount visors flow with the contour of my car, and I have had so many compliments on them since I put them on!!!
    1. Currently 5/5 Stars
    1. Very easy installation, just make sure you clean the area properly and you have marks of where exactly you are going to place them, but overall they fit perfect and are very easy to install.

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